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Social media challenges for businesses

If you’re a business owner looking for cost-effective ways to promote your offerings, then using social media for business is an absolute no-brainer. In fact, with millions, if not billions, of people using social media for communication, information, and entertainment, social media marketing is one opportunity you cannot miss out on if you want to reach a huge audience. Now, although using social media for business is not exactly rocket science, there are a few things that might pose some difficulty for those not well-versed in digital marketing. Following are some challenges that you might face on your journey towards mastering social media for business, along with some guidance on how to deal with them:

Social media for business requires you to focus on multiple platforms.
There are multiple types of social media for business!

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Setting goals and creating a plan

Creating an effective social media strategy can be a challenging task for the inexperienced. That’s because you don’t know what to expect out of it when you’re starting. The first step is asking yourself what you want out of your social media campaign. Do you want to boost your brand awareness? Or do you intend to increase the traffic to your website? Depending on what you want to achieve through your social media campaign and the nature of your offerings, you can choose your goals and strategize accordingly.

Choosing the right platforms

Now, you might be an ambitious entrepreneur wanting to conquer every social media platform there is because— to quote George Mallory— “it’s there,” then you’ve got messed up priorities. A smart marketer would go about his social media campaign by choosing the fewest number of platforms that would offer the most ROI and enable him to connect with more members from his target demographic.

Understand the different social media for business!
Different social media platforms are applicable in social media for business!

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Choosing the right content

Once you’ve got the selection of platform down, you might be confused as to what kind of content you want to post. Motivational quotes, images, facts, product stats, testimonials, industry news – there’s no limit as to what you can share as a part of your social media campaigns on your pages. Hell, even posting memes can be an effective marketing technique for businesses. You should tailor your content to suit your target audience and the platform you’re sharing it on. Not considering your audience and platform before posting content, such as choosing to post puerile memes when your target audience mainly consists of middle-aged business leaders, can be counterproductive.

Being prompt and responsive

They say love is a two-way street. So is using social media for business. Now, was that analogy necessary? No. Does it make a good point? Yes. The point is social media marketing, unlike marketing through TV or print, involves feedback and interaction, and requires you to respond to your followers’ comments and messages promptly. Constantly being on the lookout for when your followers react to your content, especially with questions, feedback, or complaints, can be hard especially when you have a business to run. So, periodically checking your social media pages, at least once a day, must make up your daily schedule.

Unless you’re the marketing manager for a multinational corporation with near-unlimited resources at your disposal, leveraging social media for business success can be hard for you. So, to save yourself the trouble, you can always call on the expertise of a content marketing agency specializing in social media marketing, and have one less thing to worry about.

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