Who are we?

Spacebar is a mask that defines the awesome writers who’re behind it. But who are we, you still ask?

Those of us who manage to pass through the void and filter into Spacebar, all have one thing in common – we’re wordsmiths, content ninjas, marketing marketers, and kick ass writers – all rolled in one.

“Sell me a pen”, you say.
We’ll write something that will have you buying 10 pens. That’s Spacebar.

Clear Thoughts – Our Tagline

Your thoughts + Our Words = Crystal clear communication, no confusion.
Whatever you are thinking – website content, social media, a blog post, whitepaper – we’ll put it in the best possible words so your customers ‘get’ you and your products. Get it? Clear Thoughts.

There are no two words worse in the English language than “Good Job”

All of us at Spacebar share this same spirit – we hate those two words (everybody has split personality and we do too). When we or our clients review our work, we don’t want to hear these two words – “Good job”.
We want to hear:
“This is unique content”
“This is exactly what I wanted”
Until then, the content goes back to the writing room. Scratch here, scratch there, add here, add there. Your standards become our standards.

Our Work