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Videos are in Trend but Written Content Stays!

Video marketing is a trend that is quickly catching up with the masses thanks to different types of video making apps and video sharing platforms. Videos are quite easier for a viewer to quickly understand the information than reading a lengthy blog. Also, there are one of the best ways to engage with your audience, especially on social media. Therefore, from large businesses to social influencers, everyone is making video content and sharing them on YouTube and social media platforms. But this trend has also given rise to a major misconception that video content is enough and written content is not needed. Despite the popularity of video content, you still need written content. We have listed a few reasons why your business requires written content.

Content writing is not out of context yet!
Let’s break some myths about video content!

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Written Content is Convenient

There is no doubt that video content has gained a quick popularity with 55% of people watching videos online every day. However, that does not mean that written content has lost its popularity. Written content is still needed because it is convenient for a reader. Imagine you are travelling in a public transport and you want to quickly browse on the news before you begin with work. Would you prefer to watch a video on speaker mode or simple swipe through the headlines on a news website? I am assuming it’s the latter. Even though videos have made a mark in marketing, written content continues to and will continue to be a preferred choice among a fair number of masses.

Also, if a viewer wants to find a specific information, the entire video needs to be watched or they may have to keep on fast forwarding the video until they get the information they are looking for. This is where the written content is very useful. In the process of content writing, a content writer generally creates subheads that enable a reader to skim through the article quickly and directly read what they want.

Content writing is all about coffee and great content!
When content is created by you, it is more convenient to spread across your target audience.

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Written Content Helps In SEO

If you plan to use content marketing to promote your business, you need to ensure your content is SEO-friendly. To rank well in the search results, you need to have content that is easily recognizable by the search engines. The problem is that search engines do not understand any other language except for texts. For a search engine to identify even an image, you need to add ALT text to the image. If you hope to create just a video and rank well in the search results, then it needs to include some texts in the title, meta description, etc. Adding description or transcripts of videos which include your keywords can help your video rank well in the search results.

Additionally, if you need content for your website, you cannot have videos for all the pages. Your website visitors will still prefer to read something on your website instead of playing a video. Plus, it’s much easier to have a written content which boost your SEO efforts than creating videos and having a transcript for each of them. You will simply spend more time in creating a perfect video and then writing a transcript for it. Lastly, too many videos on your website can affect the loading speed of your website, which can affect your SEO rank.

Written Content is Still the King

Videos may be on the top of the marketer’s mind currently, but it will take a few more years for videos to completely take over the content marketing scenario. As a business owner or a marketing head, you cannot think too far ahead and stop written content and focus on video content only. Also, for certain types of content, you need to write content. They include white papers, emails, product descriptions, blogs, etc. You cannot have email marketing and website content made completely video-based. Therefore, you will still require written content.

Of course, videos are fun and engaging to watch, and there is no denying that they are a good method to promote your products and services. But that does not make content writing an outdated concept! In fact, written content is like a companion for not only video content but other forms of content as well. So do not make the mistake of only relying on videos and keep creating quality written content.

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