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4 stages of writing a successful blog

Most freelance content writers in India will agree that just like any other form of art, writing too needs to honed with time. Only then does it get better. As writers, we relentlessly try to express ourselves in the most honest way possible. Even then, every piece of writing goes through a different grind depending on the theme, audience, style of writing, and the format (blog, news article, copywriting, story writing, poetry, etc.). Our moods, ability to articulate, and our life experiences also have a bearing on the quality of work we produce.

So, how exactly can someone write a successful blog? To find the answer to this, we first need to define what a successful blog is.

To begin with, the blog should be coherent with its title. You cannot have a blog titled, ‘10 Signs of Pregnancy’ and only talk about the foods to avoid during pregnancy in the blog post. Secondly, your language should be lucid and easy to consume. To increase the credibility of your article, it is important to give relevant factual information in the form of statistics and quotes. Lastly, it is important to keep your audience in mind while writing the blog post. This will enable you to establish a connection with your audience.

Only when we have covered the core qualities needed for a successful blog can we actually immerse ourselves into the following stages of writing a blog.


Freelance content writers in Ind
Think how you want to create content!

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The moment you are given a blog topic, spend some time and pen down whatever comes in your mind with regard to the blog topic. Think about the various angles that you can include in your blog. Let’s go back to the example, of ‘10 signs of pregnancy’.

Although the core content of the blog will be informative, you can decide on the angle you choose for your introduction. You can begin by saying, “Not all women experience the same symptoms while pregnant…” and then further elaborate on the differences. Or you could start by saying that “While pregnancy tests and ultrasounds are the only ways to determine if you are pregnant there are other signs and symptoms you can look out for.”

So you see, there are multiple ways to introduce your blog and this is where you can put your creativity to use. The introduction sets the tone for your blog and is the key deciding factor for the reader to either read your blog or move onto to different web page. Ask any of the freelance content writers in India and they will enlighten you about the importance of writing an absorbing 


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Perform a thorough research!

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After you have noted down all the information you know about the blog, the next step is to do some hardcore research. In case of ‘10 signs of pregnancy’, you have to refer to a whole lot of medical journals, online magazines, and blogs to understand the signs of pregnancy. While you research, make sure you refer to widely recognized sources. In case of pregnancy, some of the most reliable sources are ‘the American Pregnancy Association’, ‘The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’ and the ‘NHS’.


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Come on! Start writing!

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Once you have your matter and structure in place, the next step is to put it all together. Based on your tone, vocabulary, and creativity you can either come up with a blog that is a class apart or completely falls apart!

It’s like baking a sponge cake. Once you have all your ingredients in place, it is upto you to skillfully mix all the ingredients in the right proportion and create a well-balanced cake batter. If all your ingredients are fresh and you get your proportions right, and you are blessed with some skill and patience, then nothing can stop you from getting a perfectly baked sponge cake.

The secret element for every artist, be it a writer, baker or painter is belief. While you are writing it is important that you believe that your work is going to be the best and that it will stand out (this is presuming you have the skills needed as a content writer, of course!). This simple practice is bound to take you 


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It is important that you polish your article!

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Once you are done writing your blog, proofread it thoroughly. If you feel you ain’t good at it, then get someone else to do it for you or give yourself a break and then go through whatever you have written. Patiently spend some time polishing your work.

All freelance content writers in Mumbai stress on the need for polishing the first draft. After all, there is always scope for improvement. Just like how the gardener prunes the plants in the garden, your blog too needs pruning.

This stage is crucial for getting the best possible outcome.

Mastering this 4-stage process might take time. So if you are looking for the fastest route to get high quality content, then consider approaching freelance content writers in India.

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