The basics

What water is to a river, what music is to dance that’s what content is for your website. Content is the king and thou shalt bow forth it! Too dramatic? Fine. Content is what dwells in your website. It is the harbinger of traffic (online – the good kind) and gives your website a perfect look and feel.

Started not-so-long ago, in the not-so-ancient times, we are a not-so-secret organisation of content ninjas, typing away at our keyboards to ensure that you have a continuous supply of awesome pieces.

So that you can bond with the best! Content is what will keep your customers from running away from your pages (low bounce rate, Yay!!!). It will attract them like fish to a shiny object.

We let our work speak for us. So we have added a page giving testimonies from our previous and existing clients. Even our competitors may have such pages. But ours has not been written by us (not the reviews at least).

Marketing – Digital & Offline

Creating Value based content will have your customers coming back for more. It will also help you please the omniscient Google and get your website to crawl up the SERPs (we do know such jargons as well) inch by inch.

If you want us to wield our magic wand, then get us one! We cannot go all wizardy on your webpages. Content Marketing is a continuous process and takes time to get to the mis-en-scene. But (if and) when it enters the fray, it goes straight for the kill.

We are not here to hoodwink, bamboozle, stupefy (or any other funny word) our clients. So to prove our innocence, we will help you set up a Google Analytics page. Using that (free and) awesome tool from Google, you can see we are not lying.

There are a million websites who want to be in the big leagues – the first page. No one wants to take a swing in the nets. With odds this large, even Caesar’s Palace won’t take a bet. We don’t make any (empty) promises of picking you up and plopping you on the first page. But yes, we will do everything on our power to get you closer than you are right now.

We like nice people like you who come in and check out our website… even FAQs! So we will do a good turn unto you and hear you out. If we can make it a part of our ‘Clear Thoughts’ then “Welcome to Spacebar, how may I help you?”

Well, for that you will have to contact us. We’ll walk you through the vast forest content marketing is.

Working together

Gotcha! We like you random citizen! Just give us a call or drop us an E-mail or even the form is fine!

Like we said we will help you kickstart your website and take it guide it all the way to infinity and beyond!

Just for the initiated ones…. the ones who know what they want… we have gone to the trouble of segregating all our services. It’s your choice. Either you go for the whole thing or just go a la carte!

Payment & Billing

Anywhere between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 80,000. All depends on what service you want. You can also check out our service pages to find out the individual costs.

You can pay according to your convenience, whether you pay half at the start and the other half at the end of the project, or pay everything at the start, or pay everything thing at the end. You’re fine, we’re fine (as long we get the money!).

Online transaction or cheques are preferred. Otherwise cash, diamonds (no blood diamonds please), gold and keys to your spaceship is also fine. [If you didn’t get it, we’re joking.]

Do you have a question that doesn’t figure in this list? Contact us and we will be happy to answer.

Our Work