Who is the client?

Rapid Boost Marketing is a digital marketing agency in Canada that assists clients in enhancing their SEO rank and social media presence. They do this by improving the website and generating content.

What did they want?

A content arm to come up with website content, blogs, marketing and sales letters, e-books and whitepapers for their digital agency as well as their clients.

What did we do?

RBM was bringing in clients to improve their SEO and social media. However, they didn’t have a team to write a horde of content that is needed for good SEO. That’s where we came in and implemented a 4 step process.


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    The first step was to understand the Canadian psyche, and even further understand Edmonton (since Rapid Boost Marketing and its clients are located in Edmonton). A questionnaire was given to Rapid Boost Marketing for their clients to answer in order to thoroughly know the business, products and audience. Through Rapid Boost Marketing, the clients’ requirements were clearly communicated.

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    We took an in-depth look at each client’s competitors in Edmonton, what they had on their website and what kind of content they were producing. Accordingly, we came up with content that their local customers wanted, and were searching for.

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    Based on the data gathered from the Learn and Research phases, we write content for many of Rapid Boost Marketing’s clients. All content is keyword optimized and written in a tone that interests the target audience. Spacebar has been writing content for Rapid Boost Marketing since 2012 and we haven’t looked back!

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    Learn Again

    Sometimes, it takes a few iterations for us to get what Rapid Boost Marketing’s clients really want. Getting the tone, style and vocabulary right so that it matches the way the client speaks and the culture of the organization has to be learnt over a period of a few months. From website traffic analysis, we also learn what the audience is liking best and focus our research on those areas that are being appreciated more.

How it helped them?

For Rapid Boost Marketing, Spacebar has proven to be a cost-effective content solution. While they handle SEO, we produce the needed content. This has increased their bandwidth to take on more clients.

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