Who is the client?

NETMONASTERY is a leading network security company whose flagship threat management solution, CNAM, has won accolades internationally for detecting threats in real time.

What did they want?

NETMONASTERY needed content that showcases their expertise in the field of network security. They wanted their website to reflect their entry into the global market. As thought leaders and security thinkers, they also wanted content that would package their thoughts into artifacts for the industry to read.

What did we do?

We needed to create technically superior content that did justice to NETMONASTERY’s security reputation while also appealing to potential customers at the top of the sales funnel who did not understand the technology as well. This meant that we had to think of a sitemap that systematically took the user on a journey that became increasingly technical in order to cater to multiple customer profiles.


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    Spacebar’s tech writers first took a crash course with NETMONASTERY to understand the features and benefits of CNAM. We also got up to speed with the client’s vision and the triggers for revamping their online content.

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    Once we got the client’s point of view, we spent a few weeks researching new trends by global market leaders in the industry and technology consulting and research organizations. This gave us an in-depth idea of the kind of content that was expected from industry players and the style needed to make headlines.

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    Spacebar collaborated with NETMONASTERY, content consultants and business consultants to come up with a content marketing solution for the client. With the help of a detailed exercise, we assisted in defining the flow of information to be made available to the reader on the website.

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    As our relationship with NETMONASTERY builds, we continue to write the following on a need basis:

    • Web pages for their website
    • Blog posts / articles
    • Whitepapers
    • Case studies
    • Data sheets
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    Learn Again

    Every time we have a new deliverable request from the client, we go through all phases of our process to give them crisp, professional content that adheres to their industry standards.

How it helped them?

Spacebar built a team with a perfect mix of skillsets – technology, writing and content marketing – to give the client content that speaks in the language that their clients like and understand. NETMONASTERY actively uses the website and the artifacts to generate leads and enhance relationships with their customers and partners.

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