Why writers are Superheroes and life’s other groundbreaking theories

So after my post about the life of a writer, I still managed to keep my job! Whee hee! That means I have had another month of clients, projects, deadlines, themes, voices, blog language, Canadian English, English English, Indian English,strange Google searches, online shopping, late nights and this month, a life changing attack of cockroaches. And she lived to tell the tale.

Now, let me tell you it has not taken me a whole month to write this post.  It was there, at the back of my mind, sometimes in the front but if you are a writer, you will know that procrastination brainstorming is the most celebrated trend among us. It says so here.

But countless hours of “brainstorming” and other such activities later, we emerge with another unique piece of art for the universe.

Here is why I believe that writers are Superheroes/Mutants

  • Shape shifting –  Writers can be anyone they want to be. They can pick and choose from famous people, friends, strangers and if they are not entirely satisfied with everyone they know,they can just write themselves a new character. Now while this is not physically “shape-shifting”, it is still cool in the mortal world.
  • Saving the world – They can write and re-write endings to unhappy endings. They can kill the bad guy and unite two lost lovers. Writers are the ones that really save the world.
  • Super human speed- Now, you may disagree with me on this one but think about. Who else can create an entire lifetime in a few days/months while living a life of their own? enough said.
  • Super human strength – Writers have been known to survive on coffee, energy drinks and passion. They can rise against all odds (like the infinitely distracting internet) and emerge victorious.
  • Telepathy- Writers have the ability to delve into the minds of strangers and pen down exactly what they’re feeling. Think you’re the only one who’s feeling the pain of a broken toe while looking for your lost rabbit on the rainy afternoon of your adoptive parents funeral? We’ve already felt it for you! #creepy.
  • Teleportation – We don’t just travel to mystic lands, we build them.
  • Secret Identity –  Like all superheroes, we too can hide behind fancy pseudo names and multiple identities.

Enough said? I think so. 🙂

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