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In April 2013, I started Spacebar with just one employee. Today, we are 9 people in office and I hope to grow larger. We have gotten thus far with no real sales team. It’s now time to get aggressive with sales and increase market share. Our initial competitors were freelancers. Now, we have started competing with other small agencies. The future is Artificial Intelligence.

Yes, AI is the future of content marketing.

Cute robot, but not what I mean by AI
This is not what I mean by automated writing (Source – franck calzada on youtube)

In January, I had a video call with a sales guy from Oz Content. Their product gives interesting research points to create new content. This means that the content writer need not have in-depth business knowledge to create insightful articles. The automated research gives the writer context and connections. Big data is in play here. However, a writer is still needed to write the article.

Wordsmith by Automated Insights has taken this further, creating reports that explain metrics being measured by marketing teams and even develop charts. In probably 5 years, we are gonna be looking at a lot more content being automated.

Somewhere down the line, Spacebar might be headed in that direction too, developing a mix of automated and human-created content. In the meanwhile, its time for sales, sales, sales.

This post was originally written in The Future of Content Marketing.

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