A series of unforeseen events – You are not alone

A series of unforeseen events that have truly and really occurred in Spacebar office, in an alternative universe. As narrated by Rohan Saxena.

I was sitting alone at work typing away at my PC. The guys had already left. Alpana had asked me to close up shop before leaving. Briefly, I entertained the thought of taking a smoke in the office but shook my head brushing aside the thought. Damn! I was bored but this work needed to be done. What a bad time to quit smoking I thought to myself. After a few minutes, it suddenly hit my head. Whoa, it’s my last week here how long has it been 6 months a year? A feeling of nostalgia sprung inside me and I remembered all the fun times here at Spacebar.

The noisy creak of the door opening woke me from my reverie and I glanced at the office entrance. It was partially open. Weird I thought to myself, the wind isn’t that strong today. Shrugging, I got back to working on my article. The title was how to improve bowel movement. Gosh, I thought what’s with people and their obsession with bowel movement these days and smirked. I got down to writing and wrote an excellent piece on how yogurt assists digestion even for lactose intolerant people.

Just as I finished I felt a warm breath on the back of my neck. Instantly my hair prickled up and I got goose-bumps. “What the fuck!” I exclaimed, looked around and saw nobody was there. What was that I wondered a breeze…? I had my doubts so I got up and checked the bathroom. No sign of anything. I closed the door to the office and sat down to continue my work. Now, I was having difficulty concentrating. Goddamn! I cursed.

Then I heard a match being lit and noticed someone in the far corner of the office. A face was briefly lit by the glow of the match. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was her! She gazed at me with a look filled with no emotion. Just staring nonchalantly with an enigmatic smile on her lips, I tried to speak but speak but no words came out. I felt a rush of emotions pleasure, sorrow, regret and finally fear. A cold fear when I realized that she could not be real.

She spoke then “What’s up Rohan care to join me?” offering me the cigarette. The faint odour of tobacco filled the air. The pervasive smell which I had previously liked sickened me now. She walked towards me slowly, surely, looking bewildered. “What’s wrong with you?” She asked “It’s not like you to say no to a smoke” Suddenly I remembered why I’d quit smoking 6 months ago, painful memories emerged which had been repressed. She was standing right next to me and I felt terror engulf me. She puffed on the cigarette and blew on my face.

The world became a haze, and then suddenly I was engulfed in pitch black darkness. I woke up sweating. A friend shot a concerned look at me and asked if I was ok. After I regained my wits I replied, “Dude that stash was insane!”

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