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Difference between SEO content writer and normal content writer

Recently, one of my friends asked me the reason for choosing the profession of a content writer. I told her that it was my love for exploring new topics, learning about new subjects, and sharing my views on a topic with the world that encouraged me into becoming a content writer. She then went on to ask, “I have heard about SEO content writers also. How are they different from the regular content writers?” This seemed to be an interesting question, and the reason behind this article, that will help a budding content writer in Mumbai identify a career path in writing.

Meme on the difference between SEO content writing and normal content writing in Mumbai
What is SEO writing and Content Writing

Selecting the Content

So, let us first understand what SEO is all about. Simply put, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is enhancing a website so that it gets a high rank in a search engine’s search results. A high SEO ranking is important so that people can easily find your content when they search for its topic or similar topics. An SEO content writer’s main aim is to attract search engine traffic and get ranked high. On the other hand, normal content writers are writers who are free from such demands. The difference between SEO content writers and normal content writers is the ‘fleshing’ of the content. SEO content writers are extremely selective regarding their content and do not add redundant thoughts or words in their copy, whereas normal content writers can experiment with their content easily.

Using the Keywords

One of the major differences between SEO content writers and normal content writers is the usage of keywords. Before start writing any copy, SEO content writers have to search for key phrases and keywords that would gather more traffic. The usage of these keywords is the next step to follow. An SEO content writer has to intelligently use all keywords provided to them so that their website gets ranked high for keywords on the Google ranking page. Sometimes the keywords are irrelevant to the topic and this is where the real work for an SEO content writer lies. They have to make a smart move to fit in the keyword, for instance in section headers and introduction, and get their article ranked high on search engines. For instance, let’s say the topic for the SEO content writer is to write about ‘the benefits of contact lenses with the keyword ‘eye clinic Mumbai.’ Now, from the topic it is clear that the readers would mostly be people planning to change to lenses from glasses. Here, the writer could best fit in the keyword in the conclusion section, after explaining the benefits of contact lenses, and hyperlink it to the client’s website to connect the audience with the client.

Difference between SEO and content writing for content writer in Mumbai
SEO and Content writing difference clarified

This was precisely the reaction my friend gave me when I explained her more about content writing!

Writing is a great job, but not for everyone. You need passion and dedication to become a successful normal content writer. With love for writing, the above points will undoubtedly help you to become a successful SEO content writer.

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