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Agencies handling content marketing in India

Content marketing in India has been steadily increasing in popularity. Don’t just take my word for it. Take a look at how many people in India have been Googling the term ‘content marketing’.

Increase in the number of content marketing search
Timeline of Content marketing in India

Whether people are looking up “content marketing” on Google for jobs or services, the writing on the wall is clear – content marketing is being leveraged more and more by businesses across India.

But if you are a business looking for an agency handling content marketing in India, you are going to be confused with what’s on offer. Here’s why.

Types of agencies providing content marketing in India

Different types of content marketing agencies in India
Content marketing agencies in India

While these may seem perfectly well-defined, in reality, they aren’t. There are major overlaps between each of these types of agencies (therefore, the arrows in the diagram). For example, all these agencies will probably provide you with blogs for your website. In fact, the work done by a content marketing agency is a subset of that done by an SEO agency, which is a subset of that done by a digital marketing agency, which is a subset of the work done by an advertising agency! How do you decide, then?

Factors affecting your decision

Cost is one factor; an advertising agency can be 50 times more expensive than a boutique content marketing agency.

Scope of work is also a factor. If you’re looking for a 360-degree, multi-channel marketing program, you need an advertising agency. But if you’re looking for a high quality, user-friendly website, you need a content marketing agency.

Another factor is expertise. Advertising, digital marketing and SEO agencies typically have inexperienced writers working alongside a team that mainly has SEO experience. However, an agency that specializes in content marketing focuses solely on this and will give you high quality work, whether you are a big or a small client.

If budget is not a problem, the ad agency is the way to go. If you are an SME, think of getting an in-house marketing executive (even 1 year of experience will do) who can coordinate with a content agency as well as take care of SEO and other marketing requirements.

(Tiny) list of agencies in India

Across this spectrum, I’ve made a list of some popular agencies in India that provide content marketing services. Coz once you’ve deciphered what kind of agency is a good fit for your objectives, it’s time to set the ball rolling on your marketing campaign.

Agency type Premium Specially for SMEs
Digital marketing
SEO No premium company provides such a niche service
Content marketing No premium company provides such a niche service

This list does not even attempt to do any justice to the lakhs and lakhs of agencies online, delivering content marketing in India. But it is a starting point for you to begin your evaluation on figuring out what type of agency (and which specific one) will cater to your online marketing needs.

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