5 mid-year resolutions for Writers

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So, it’s nowhere close to New Year’s  Eve and you are no where close to meeting even half your resolutions. You’re still wearing the same size jeans and you’re still best friends with chocolate! But if there is one thing that won’t leave your mind, it is the fact that you haven’t written anything worth reading (or anything at all), in  the past few months!
Worry not, you have 8 months left to produce some beautiful masterpieces, if that’s what you had intended to do this year.

Now repeat after me,

“I, *lazy – procrastinating – self proclaimed writer* (just kidding, insert name here), vow to read, consider and then keep the following resolutions for the rest of the year and possibly for all the years to come.  I will hold on to these with my dear life, pushing away all tears, writers blocks and even chocolate if I must, to fulfill these resolutions forevermore.”

Now that the formalities are done I will get straight to the point.

I Promise to … 

  1. Make Time to Write
  2. Whether you have 15 kids or have 3 jobs, you have time to write if you want to. It is as simple as sitting yourself down and writing! Throw yourself back to when you discovered how much you love to write and how you would write whenever you had the time. Now go find all the spaces in your schedule and fill then with some beautiful words!
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    Some of the most famous writers are known for their distinctive styles. Never ever assume that your style is too mundane, too verbose, too poetic or just not good enough. Your style is unique and unless you are using copy + paste text into your work, you will have an original piece of work in front of you.  Embrace your style because it is one of the biggest advantages a writer has over any other writer.
  3. If you like writing enough to write when you can, You are a writer.  Start to add ‘writing’ to the skills that you believe you have. It will motivate you to live up to the tag and write a little , if not a lot more than you have been.
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  4. Read, Read and then Read some more. Reading will help you find some styles that may be new to you or styles that you might find similar to yours. Either way, it will increase your vocabulary and strengthen your grammar, enough to fill up that gap you’ve had. Make it a point to set a goal/ make a list of how many books you plan on reading in the next 8 months and stick to it. You will discover new worlds, I promise.
  5. One of the best things about writing is that a writer can live many lives, be many different characters and tread any land whether it is discovered or created. Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore area’s that may scare you or leave you feeling something you’ve never felt before. Try something new and once you are done writing about it, you won’t believe that it was you who wrote that!

There! That doesn’t sound so horribly difficult, does it? Now that we have found ways to keep those creative juices flowing, the world can expect some groundbreaking writing to leak out in the second half of the year!

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