365 Days of Spacebar Tapping

Time flies when you’re not watching. A phone call transpired that gave way to employment and a year has passed since then. There are many words that can be used to describe employment at Spacebar… but for now, the word that comes to mind is Acceptance.

A year contains 365 days out of which 96 days are dedicated to holidays – Saturday and Sunday. Any place which gives you holidays on weekends is worth your time. Those are the approximate figures, Spacebar doesn’t specialise on finger counting (at least I don’t), it focuses on finger tapping and content solutions. In a word, Spacebar writes awesome content for everything and anything.

Spacebar is Alpana Mandal – the most dearest boss you’ll find. With her patience and teaching skills, she’ll mould one into something worth reading. Anger never seems to get to her; she just keeps it in the mails (luckily we don’t have howlers).

Another thing Spacebar is, is Versatility. You can never guess the type of clients Spacebar lands up with. They are businesses with different background, different needs and in need of a different writing style. Last month, Spacebar got a client all the way from Australia that pushed me to research and discover fantastic things about the global oil industry. Spacebar gets you to have a versatile style to deal with variety of topics. You’ll get topics which you love, hate and off course, the ‘meh’ ones. Either ways, my writing has evolved for better.

Spacebar wouldn’t be complete without the people who occupy its chairs. There is Samir, the writer with a promising IT background but is actually an empty tool box, but hey, he writes well.

Yup, and Spacebar is growing. Tianna, our newest member can attest to that. Her writing packs a punch when it needs to and is smooth jazz for articles that need to be.

Smiledrive can’t be forgotten! Spacebar is pretty small right now and shares an office with Smiledrive. Thanks to them, all Spacebar does is manage the typing, the rest – the day to day running of the office is done by Smiledrive. Water, tea, occasional treats – all managed by day.

A year at Spacebar has been pleasurable. If anything, everything seems to be in the right place.

Spacebar dives into another year with me on the boat, still tapping away at letters and a spacebar.

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  1. April 09, 2014, 8:27 pm

    Spacebar and I would like to say that the feeling is mutual. It’s been great to have you around and god knows what I’d have done without you, especially during the initial months!

    One correction – Spacebar is not Alpana. It never would be what it has become if it wasn’t all of us. Spacebar is as much you, Samir and Tianna as it is me!

    Ok before this starts becoming too senti….Hope you have more awesome days with Spacebar in the future! Cheers.

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