A Series of Unforeseen Event – Aliens, they really exist!

A series of unforeseen events that have truly and really occurred in Spacebar office, in an alternative universe. As narrated by Varun.

I usually never plug in my ear phones while I’m working in office. It kind of waves me off from my attention. But one day, I decided to listen to some of my favourite contemporary music while writing my articles.

Well, it started off well, and quite unrealistically I could feel the music grooving my mind. Just to make sure that everything around me was real, I looked around to check if everyone is alive and busy. And according to my judgment, I was sure about Tristan, Rohan and Upen that they would be listening to music, no matter even if the world starts falling apart.

The atmosphere in the office seemed pretty chilled out and relaxed. I swiftly continued writing and just after a few minutes I again looked around and I saw that even Alpana started listening to songs. Now, everybody in the office are busy working and listening to music.

Such a situation started introducing vague thoughts in my mind. “What if a stranger walks in with a gun and opens fire at all of us? Or what if someone stealthily walks in armed with a knife and loots us from everything that we have?” All these questions creeped over me because the office door is always open.

I immediately removed my ear plugs and turned behind to take a quick look at the door. I smiled realizing the fact that I was simply over-thinking, as everything in the office was pretty normal.  As soon as I looked back to my laptop, I heard the door creeking. So I looked at the door anxiously, but there was nobody there, so I thought it could be the wind blowing the door open. Then, again I turned my face back to my laptop and I could see a tiny alien sitting on my laptop screen.  I was taken by surprise and I immediately got up from my chair. I wasn’t too sure what that thing was but it was all spongy and it was deeply gazing into my eyes.


The most surprising thing was, no one even moved or blinked their eyes to see what was happening around them. It seemed as if I was the only one who could see that creepy little thing. I called for attention, but no one cared to even look at me. So I thought I’ll quickly pack my bag and take off. But now, I couldn’t move at all. Some invisible force held me tight while that alien was staring and smirking at me.  I tried screaming, but my voice was blocked with some sort of a mouth-cork! I don’t know what that was, but it appeared like a cork. Then I realized that I couldn’t even move my eyes and look around. But to my astonishment, I could close them willingly. “ Hahah …Damn you little alien, now I can’t see you!”, I whimpered to myself.  As I closed my eyes, I got all the more scared, wondering what if that tiny creature attacks me and kills us all. But guess what, I was unable to open eyes because that shitty alien was sitting on my nose and holding my eyelids down. I was strangled by that creature for about 5 long minutes.

I couldn’t move, couldn’t talk and I couldn’t even see anything. Those were the worse 5 minutes of my life. However, after those horrifying 5 minutes passed by, I could hear Tristan calling my name, “Varun, Varun….!”, as he was holding me and trying to shake me off from my sleep.

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