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What does a Content Writer do?

In social gatherings and in chance meetings, I couldn’t help but notice a relatively poor understanding of the profile of content writing in Mumbai. It’s hard to blame them; the profile of a content writer isn’t particularly easy to define; hence the uncertainty. Funnily enough, I myself struggle to explain the nature of my work to those curious enough to ask. A content writer is tasked with writing articles or blog posts containing information rooted in various industries and sectors. A content writer is tasked with creating marketing messages for a target audience. A content writer is tasked with writing for the many clients located in distant corners of the world. But, what does a content writer really do?

Here’s a detailed account of what a content writer does, or at least, what I think a content writer does.

Content writing in Mumbai
Content Writing

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We Explain

The exact manner in which I am attempting to explain what a content writer does is also the manner in which we attempt to explain the topic at hand. The explanation a content writer in Mumbai (or New York or Timbuktu) provides must represent their best understanding of the topic at hand while also simultaneously communicating the same information in a manner in which the reader feels easy to process. After all, the aim is to inform the reader of whatever doubts and queries they would have in mind, before or during the reading of the article.

We Research

It is not like information comes magically pouring down. Each article or post, depending on the topic, needs a fair amount of research. This research is purely meant to provide an objective and detailed elaboration of the subject at hand primarily for the readers – the customers. Secondarily, this research is also essential in better expressing the nature of our clients’ work. Naturally, it is important to do their products and services justice. Adequate research is the foundation of B2B content marketing in India. Lastly, detailed research is done in order to remain factually correct and intellectually honest.

We Practice Our Art

Writing is stylistically closer to the arts than it is to commerce by way of marketing, or to science by way of its technicalities. Writing for a diverse range of clients about a diverse range of products, services, practices, procedures, and conditions gives us the ideal chance to bring in diversity in our writing. Writing an article explaining the “nature of genitival contouring” is vastly different from writing about the “benefits of getting a copyright for your artistic creations.” This diversity in subjects and readers presents us with challenges which we then counter by making subtle adjustments in style, writing tone, and word selection.

We Optimize

We optimize the content in such a manner that it just nonchalantly happens to appear in your search results. Perhaps the single most important role of a content writer is to maintain that their work is in line with the most effective SEO practices. How else is one to increase their web traffic? The results at the top of your casual Google search represent the best SEO practices. It takes an effective content writer to tailor their content with an insertion of essential keywords in order to make it there.

content SEO
Search Engine Optimization

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Our work makes us an armchair expert of practices rooted in diverse industries. Each day is an elaborate session of “today I learned.” Our work explores the application of restrained, conversational, and compressed content writing in Mumbai. Which might be a lot coming from me; I’ve far exceeded the word count.


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