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Spacebar Friday Activity: A fuel to fire our work process

Do you wake up in the morning and feel like going back to bed? Are you avoiding your office because you cannot take the pressure of work anymore? Working all week long can be tiring. If only there was an antidote to fight this urge to throw your computer.

Throw your laptop
The feeling of anger

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Well thankfully, I do not have such urges, and I am very happy at my workplace as I am writing this. And I do feel that there is a reason behind this.

It’s been about six months since I joined Spacebar as a content writer in Mumbai. I remember my interview taken by Alpana wherein we talked for a long time about the job requirement and my qualifications and other stuff. Then she went on to tell me how life is at Spacebar. She explained the flexible timings, the holidays, the work requirements and then finally she mentioned something about how the Fridays are.

content writer happy
Time to dance

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Fridays at Spacebar is when we have our weekly activity. Now you may wonder that as a content writer, the activity will have something to do with content writing, marketing, social media, etc. But you are mistaken! Our Friday activities are anything but work. The whole genius idea behind our Friday activity is to forget about work for that one hour and enjoy each other’s company without discussing work. This results in more focus on work and a refreshed thought process to work better.

content writer work fun
Fun with work

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In these few months, I have seen a variety of Friday activities hosted by each employee at Spacebar, every week. The fun part is that the person who hosts the activity will tag another person to host the activity next week, giving a whole week’s time to the other person to come up with a crazy activity. From funny movie charades to quizzes, from quick skits to decoration making, we have done some pretty nifty activities over the past few months.

While it may seem like a task to remove that one hour from your busy day of work to do something silly with your colleagues, I feel that this one hour of activity is what is making the whole team of Spacebar a strong one. It is not only enhancing the communication and relation we have with each other but also giving us an outlet to let go of our work worries and come back with a rested brain pace to work even better.

At Spacebar, we believe in bringing fun to our work and enjoy it rather than looking for ways to run away from work. This is one feeling which is mutual among all of us. And why not? Writing is something that all of us at Spacebar love and adding fun in writing with Friday activity definitely makes work non-existent. Eventually what remains is our love for writing, which every content writer in Mumbai craves for.

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