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4 elements of outstanding content writing

Any individual who writes for passion or makes a living out of it understands the difference between regular content writing and outstanding content writing. Fantastic content is not a buzzword that is spoken by everyone, in fact outstanding content is something that Google values. When a website has content that is considered “Outstanding” by search engines, the ranking of that particular website goes up. Whenever a content writer creates content for website, there are several elements that they need to take care of in the process. These elements are vital as they distinguish an outstanding content from a relatively generic one. Here are four such critical elements that need to be taken into account when writing content for a website:

1. Know your audience

“Know thy audience” is an element that every writer has to consider when writing content for a website. Firstly, a writer needs to understand who the audience is; this is possible by using analytical software that assist in providing insights on the audience that visits a website. Accordingly, you can figure out what type of writing style you will need. As in the digital age, a considerable chunk of the population has shifted from desktops to mobile devices, deciding content size as per the reading platform becomes essential. If your reader is someone who reads content on a desktop and has an authority status, you can opt for lengthy articles; lengthy articles improve the ranking of a website and cover detailed information on a particular topic.

If your audience is people who would read content on their mobile phones, size of the content can be reduced to provide the reader with just an overview of a particular topic. Small sized content also takes lesser time to be read and conveys enough information for the user to understand.

Audience-related content
Find out your audience

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2. Avoid jargons

Jargons, unnecessary information, long sentences that eventually make no meaning are some of the big NOs when writing content for website. To comfortably communicate with your reader and to effectively convey your message, avoid junk. Talk straight to the point for the reader to adequately understand the heart of the matter.

Remember, you are writing content for website and not for some cheesy lovey-dovey novel. Avoid getting into the nitty-gritties as much as you can; this will help the reader to stay actively involved in your content.

use of jargon in content
Avoid too many jargons

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3. Stay original

Maintaining authenticity and avoiding plagiarism are two of the strictest guidelines for any content writer. When a writer comes up with plagiarized content for a website, rankings take a slide. To maintain authenticity and originality in content, form a structure on how you intend to write the article first. Once the structure is ready, move ahead by doing thorough research on every section that you have outlined. When you research every part separately, the chances of plagiarism exist no more as every part has exactly the information that you need to cover.

4. Provide a call to action

Nobody likes to read content that fails to provide actionable insights on what the next steps should be like. While you are writing content for website, ensure that you make a relevant call-to-action that is feasible and attractive for most people reading it.

content for website
call-to-action button

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Now that you’ve understood the four critical elements of outstanding content for websites, my call-to-action for you would be to stick to these elements. These elements are bound to help you to enhance your content writing skills. If you are an editor, I would suggest to check whether your writer sticks to these elements or not. If the writer fails to stick by these elements, it’s  up to the team to know how they can help someone in writing “outstanding” content.


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